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Shopping for reasons to work here? Check these off your list:

We’re a Better Place to Work

  • We welcome Associates of every race, gender, age and lifestyle. We believe diverse people, ideas and experiences make us a better and more interesting place to work and shop.
  • We go out of our way to get better for our customers every day.
  • You’ll be rewarded with competitive pay and benefits.
  • Everyone who works here can make a real difference in our stores and for customers.
  • We are here for each other.

We’re a Better Neighbor

  • Working here means you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of customers and the communities we support.
  • Every year, Associates raise money and support local causes in hundreds of ways such as charity walks, stuff-a-truck events, fundraisers for community groups and more.
  • As a company, we’re committed to fighting hunger, helping kids and supporting communities. Here’s some more of what we did in 2015:
    • Over $12 million in product and cash donated to community hunger relief  organizations
    • $1.6 million donated to New England Schools
    • $300,000 holiday meals donated to those in need
    • $2.9 million raised to help cure childhood cancer
    • $360,000 raised to support members of the United States Military
    • $1.4 million donated to New England non-profit organizations
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We create a better place to shop

  • We do business responsibly – it’s just what we do.
  • We’re fair and consistent.
  • We offer lower prices.
  • We provide high-quality products, sourced with respect for the environment and the communities they come from, and clearly labeled so our customers can make well-informed choices.
  • We make a difference by reducing waste. We adopt fresh perspectives, new technologies and ecofriendly processes throughout our operations.

We Listen to our Associates

We listen. Seriously. Every year, we survey all Associates in our company and it’s totally anonymous. We find out directly from Associates what it’s like to work for us. We review the responses and plan to make our store a better place to work and get better every day.

We’re proud that in our last survey, Associates told us they:

  • Care deeply about serving customers
  • Like and care about their co-workers
  • Enjoy and respect their managers
  • Care about their store’s reputation
  • Are proud of the work we do in the community
  • Want to be the leader in their market
  • Want to sell more groceries and serve customers’ needs