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Our Service Promises

  • We pride ourselves on the freshness of our Fresh Products. If our freshness lets you down, we’ll make it up to you with Double Your Money Back! (in any of our fresh departments)
  • We Promise you a hassle-free shopping experience:

–Refund with no receipt-No Problem

–Need a rain check- No Problem

–Not satisfied with your purchase- No Problem

  • We will make any situation right so that you leave with a Smile

If an advertised item is out of stock, we will offer you a rain check or an alternate product at the advertised sale price – the choice is yours.

We think all our Associates are superstars, but once in a while, someone does something amazing that shows what our Promises are all about. Let us know who your Service VIP is.

We love our customers!

Carol: Wanaque, NJ

I love your multigrain bread. I asked Carol in Bakery if she had any, and she said she did not. She showed me other similar breads that she thought I might like, and could not have been more helpful. I continued to shop and Carol, who had just unpacked a carton, searched the store for me to tell me that she had found the bread. She brought me one sliced and one whole, and asked me which I would like. She went above and beyond and I greatly appreciated it. Even more than I appreciated the bread. Carol made my day and certainly improved my shopping experience.

Heather: Pennington, NJ

Heather was a lovely cashier. She was so sweet and funny and had a great smile!

Meg: Store 316, Boston, MA

Meg in Customer Service is always magnificent!

Tina: Store 545, Farmingdale, NY

The associate Tina went above and beyond her duties to help my wife and I. I went to the scan machine to use the scanner for shopping and it was out of service. I saw the associate Tina and explained my situation. She took it upon herself to correct the problem, but after a while she manage to help us out. I was very grateful to her for her care and concern. I then went to the store manager to tell him how helpful she was.

Our Service VIPs!

Laura: Trumbull, CT

Nominated by:  Christopher S

Laura helped with bagging for me on 4/22.  It was my first shift as a cashier, and she was incredible. Not just her bagging skills, but she was watching me like a hawk, and quickly let me know the plu numbers on many of the produce I was ringing. She was mindful and anticipated when I might need help.

A+ to her. I look forward to working with her again! Her help made my first full shift go by smoothly.

Best Value: Teamwork

Linda A: Clifton, NJ

Nominated by:  Richard B

Linda always comes to work with a smile. She is great with customers and employees. No matter what kind of day it is, she is always having a good time.

Best Value: Teamwork

Dallas L: Windsor, CT

Nominated by:  Paul C

Dallas  is always friendly to fellow associates and customers. She always helps the customers find what they are looking for. If she doesn’t have the answer, she finds someone that does. We need more employees like her.

Best Value: Care

Elizabeth M: Waterbury, CT

Nominated by:  Taylor F

Betty is always going above and beyond for all of her customers. Even when she is sick or not having a good day, her mood is always cheerful and her focus is always on helping our customers. I look up to Betty as a role model in the store and in my life. I feel that she does not get the proper recognition by the store staff. She deserves a little more appreciation for all of her hard work and dedication to making our store the best store to shop at.

Best Value: Care