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Our Service Promises

  • We pride ourselves on the freshness of our Fresh Products. If our freshness lets you down, we’ll make it up to you with Double Your Money Back! (in any of our fresh departments)
  • We Promise you a hassle-free shopping experience:

–Refund with no receipt-No Problem

–Need a rain check- No Problem

–Not satisfied with your purchase- No Problem

  • We will make any situation right so that you leave with a Smile

If an advertised item is out of stock, we will offer you a rain check or an alternate product at the advertised sale price – the choice is yours.

We think all our Associates are superstars, but once in a while, someone does something amazing that shows what our Promises are all about. Let us know who your Service VIP is.

We love our customers!

Belinda: Store # 647, Milford, CT

Every time I come into the store, Belinda is always smiling. She is very friendly, caring and kind. One time I was in her line and I told her that I had lost a family member. She came around the counter and gave me a hug. Belinda did not know me, but her compassion for people is amazing.

Chris: Store # 93, Danvers, MA

I left my pocketbook in one of the carriages at the Danvers store. My husband and I searched everywhere and could not locate my bag. We went to the service desk and no one had turned it in. My husband asked for the store manager and Chris came and introduced himself. I explained my dilemma and he showed true concern. He offered to review the surveillance cameras and promised he would do a search of the store himself. My son is a Danvers police officer and had given me a very sentimental gift that was in my pocketbook so it was not just the inconvenience of canceling all credit/bank cards and my ID’s but the heartfelt gift that was in that bag. I had not even left the parking lot and Chris called to let me know he had found my bag. I started to cry and could not thank him enough. He truly went above and beyond and I could not be more grateful to him. This proved to me his true dedication and loyalty to his customers. I will definitely share this store with all my friends and family.
Thank you so much Chris! You made my day!

Raj: Store # 693, East Hartford, CT

On Tuesday, 05 June, I was checking out in the self service lane at which time I opted for a $50.00 cash back. A nice lady packed my groceries, wished me a good day and I was walking to the door, without taking my $50.00 cash back. As I was walking out the door an honest man, employee Raj, chased me down and handed me the money. I thanked him, and offered him $5.00 for being so honest and going out of his way to chase me down. He politely refused the reward and shook my hand. I talked to the store manager and asked her if I could give her the reward to give to Raj but she also politely refused. I am touched by Raj’s honesty and decency and would like him to receive some kind of reward for “being a good guy”.

Jessica: Store #473, Fall River, MA

I have been a Stop & Shop customer for more than 10 years at this location in Fall River. I have had the pleasure of Jessica’s assistance at Customer Service many times. She is always kind, professional and helpful, listening intently on how she can assist in any question with speedy resolve! I would like to give Jessica an Honorable Mention1. She is a keeper and you should know how valuable she continues to be on your behalf.

Our Service VIPs!

Paul H: Store #634, Hartford, CT

Nominated by: Yasmin T.

Paul fills in as a manager when he’s needed. He goes above and beyond his responsibilities. He’s a great person.

Best Value: Care

Joey R: Store # 725, Providence, RI

Nominated by:  Everett J

Joey is a hard worker.

Best Value: Teamwork

Hilda C: Store #49, Watertown, MA

Nominated by: Steve F

Hilda found $600.00 on the floor at the service desk. She turned in the money immediately. The next day when the customer came back, he was shocked to find that we had his cash. He thanked Hilda for her honesty.

Best Value: Intergrity


Conor S: Store # 5, Peabody, MA

Nominated by: Krissy M

Conor is one of the most caring people I have ever met. He is always there when you need anything. He is always an open ear when you have a concern or comment. Conor makes sure you have a pleasant experience working everyday, and he always makes himself approachable.

Best Value: Care